How does it work?

The Digital Readiness Check is a self-assessment test. By combining different question types such as single-choice, multiple-choice, scaling or actionability questions as well as different levels of difficulty of the questions, the Digital Readiness Check gives you a good overview of your basic knowledge and your level of competence. The Digital Readiness Check is hosted by the online learning platform XUcation of XU Group GmbH. Simply register and you are ready to go.

The entire check takes about 20 to 35 minutes. Before starting, participants should make sure they have enough time to answer the questions and that there are no interruptions. The running time bar shows how much time is available per question. The exact procedure will be explained at the beginning of the check. The time measurement does not start until the introduction is completely finished and the start button is clicked. If necessary, the completion of the questionnaire can be interrupted. All the answers given and the time already elapsed are temporarily saved so that the participants can continue at the same point when they return. However, we recommend completing the questionnaire without interruptions in order to obtain the most realistic result possible.

After completing the Digital Readiness Check, you will receive your personal result in the form of a spider diagram. The results also show how you compare to others.

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