Humans need Enhancement – Do you Agree?

What about seeing everything clearly as soon as you want it?

You don’t need to use a technical device like a phone. You just have your eyes – your enhanced eyes – with contact lenses, which upgrade your senses.

NO Back Pain anymore!

Think about the benefit of having a chip on your chair or your clothes. Every time you sit to long, it starts vibrating. Either you keep withstanding the noise somehow or you stand up and move. That is exactly what some researchers try to find out.

They conduct research on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can advance human’s perception and senses.

This example shows how AI can be used to help people’s health. They remind you of keep moving before it is to late – an action to thwart back complaint.

360° seeing

Another possibility is the ability of a ‘360 degree seeing’. Hence, people can even spot whoever or whatever is behind them – without moving their head. This might cause bewilderment as some categorize this as an unhuman act.

Never questioned before..

At this point the moral part comes into place. How much do we want to improve on? What is ethical enough, what not? Exactly this is also where Albrecht Schmidt (1) engages himself with. He also discerns that people wearing glasses have never questioned it before nor have a problem with additional information to deal with. So, with added technical devices, people might need to first accustom themselves in order to have a feeling of that extra information flow they now have. Thus, wearing glasses or wearing an enhancement makes no difference, so Schmidt.

Do we really need improvement?

Everyone needs to make up his or her mind. Do we want to have the technology reminding us, pushing us, helping us in some situations that we perhaps are to comfortable with? Or do we rather trust our own senses, our own human emotions and intelligence to take action?

(1) 2016

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