Leaders of Tomorrow – How to be one!

Nowadays words like agility, transformation and innovation are well used. But how can you gain a deeper understanding of these terms or even benefit from them? This article will clarify it.

So why even do we need hierarchy?

Agile methods often encourage team building exercises, which enables perfectly democratic collaboration. Agile teams are typically co-located and consist of several members, such as employees, freelancers who all work together for the same task. For leaders however, quick decisions are required, choices that form the basis of visions, goals, and long-term plans. Therefore, not the whole group should discuss a solution but rather some experts with power and influence who make clear evaluations.

The „Right Question“

Usually, agile methods such as Scrum, a framework that allows for more effective collaborations working on complex project, have a certain structure. This on the one hand result in productivity, flexibility and team work. On the other hand, this predefined structure does not encourage individuality, authenticity, creativity.  Hence, for those who want individual answers, critical thinkers, reflective actions, one should consider this:

Ask the “right question” at the “right time”? Examine how your procedure fosters innovative thinking?


Your Question: Do we need hierarchy right now?

Reflective Answer: Yes, in certain situations where we elect those who communicate the unspoken truth. These people then also take responsibility in this project and its outcome. In the end, if everyone knows which direction the group is leading to, the result would be more satisfying. This is more effective than having group discussion about the vision of the company or project.

 “Learn it all” better than “Know it all” 

As the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated, companies and people need a “Learn it all” mindset. This means that one should be able and willing to learn, develop new skills continually, learn through the way rather than know every concept taught by agile coaches.

A Growth Mindset is here the key.

Break of a habit

In a nutshell, one should always challenge the habit, the values, the project. Is there enough time for experimenting? Is there room for exchange or for modification? Often people only see what they are used to do, see and hear. Therefore, be present in every new conversation, or situation that you were not confronted before.

Disruptive Innovation 

Innovators are not the typical person who think like others. They are sometimes called “crazy”. Exactly these thinkers are needed to bring up new ideas, see from a different perspective, don’t just always focus but rather diffuse their thoughts. Companies need to considers this, if they want to stay ahead of the game.

If you are an innovator, keep having crazy ideas. Some day you might have the chance to glow – and then no one believes that you might are insane- you are genius!

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